Lagelandseweg 78
6545 CG Nijmegen
Industrieterrein: Westkanaaldijk

Tel. (024) 3717310
Fax (024) 3731519


MedImmune is the worldwide biologics business for the AstraZeneca Group.  The company has approximately 3,300 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland with facilities in Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

With two marketed products and an advancing pipeline of promising drug candidates, MedImmune strives to deliver life-changing products, a rewarding career to our employees and a tireless commitment to improving patient health.

MedImmune is located since 1993 at Lagelandseweg 78 in Nijmegen. At our Nijmegen manufacturing facility, we produce vials of drugs for research and commercial purposes, meeting a range of needs from potential cancer cures to vaccinations for premature babies. The facility consists of production, labeling and packaging, quality control, quality assurance, materials management, facilities and a host of other areas. MedImmune is a part of AstraZeneca since June 2007.

We are located in Nijmegen and the majority of our employees come from Brabant, Gelderland and Limburg. Our products find their use all over the world.

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